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Term 6
First Day: Mon 1st June
Last Day: Mon 20th July
Term 1
First Day: Mon 1st September
INSET: Tues 2nd September
Last Day: Wed 21st Oct
The school's closed to pupils on an 'INSET' day.
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Holy Trinity Primary School
Broad Croft
Bradley Stoke
BS32 0BD

Tel: 01454 866735
(8.45am - 4.00pm)
(Fax: 01454 866737)

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School Spring Clean 21st March, 2015
The children, parents and governors of Holy Trinity Primary School came together on the morning of Saturday 21st March to give the grounds of the school their annual spring-clean.
Mr Underwood the caretaker arrived nice and early to prepare all the equipment and draw up a list of jobs to choose from.
The sun shone on the team as they repainted sheds and fences, repaired the Trim Trail, picked up litter and gave the pond area a massive tidy up.
Children of all ages played their part, and parents gave willingly of their time to do their bit for Holy Trinity.
Mrs Osborne and Mrs Kirk from the Friends kept the workers refreshed with hot drinks and delicious bacon rolls.
It was lovely to see so many members of the school family working as a team to smarten up the school grounds.

We are so proud of our children and families at Holy Trinity, and now we can be proud of our school grounds too!

Mr Stanley.

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